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Nouveau site et nouveau concept pour DRUMTABASS !

Le forum est désormais fermé.
Remerciement tout particulier à MAXI, sans qui le concept n'en serait pas là aujourd'hui. Big up man !!
Merci également à Dreadless, DodG et Floutch (les fondateurs), Bosco et Hi33p (la relève) et tous ceux qui ont mis la main à la pâte et qui continue à le faire (ils se reconnaîtrons...).
Enfin, merci à vous tous qui suivez, de près ou de loin, la communauté.

Rendez-vous sur le pour découvrir notre nouveau site internet, et rejoignez-nous sur notre page facebook pour continuer à échanger ensemble et avec nous.
Pour annoncer un évènement, utilisez le formulaire dédié. Si vous souhaitez que l'on publie un reportage photo, un mix ou une compo, vous pouvez nous en faire part via le formulaire de contact ou directement sur la page Facebook.

Bosco, Floutch et xeNz (notre nouveau webdesigner).

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 22 Thu : Star Warz Critical vs Dispatch @ Vooruit, Gand, BE 
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Post 22 Thu : Star Warz Critical vs Dispatch @ Vooruit, Gand, BE

Star Warz presents Critical Music vs Dispatch Recordings
A Drum ‘n’ Bass concept by Mr. M & One87
Thursday, December 22nd 2011
@ Vooruit, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 23, Gent

Line-up :

Ed Rush ( Virus Recordings, UK )

Total Science ( C.I.A., Advanced Rec, UK )

Break ( DNA Audio, Symmetry Rec, UK )

Kasra ( Critical Music, UK )

Ant TC1 ( Dispatch Recordings, UK )

Octane & DLR ( Central Beatz, UK )

Phace ( Neosignal, Germany )

One87 & Mush ( Critical Recordings, Star Warz )


Hosted by MC’s : SP:MC & Lowqui

Doors : from 22h. till 6h.
Entrance : 15,00 Euro pre-sale ; 19,00 Euro @ Door

Presale : All Free Record Shops
Online: &

More info :

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Thu 27 Oct 2011 11:01
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Post 22 Thu : Star Warz Critical vs Dispatch @ Vooruit, Gand, BE

You may have heard the news that Star Warz will be joining forces with Daily Dubstep on New Years Eve. However, before we get to that, we would like to invite all those who are up for the more serious side of Drum ‘n’ Bass to join us on this upcoming edition on 22/12/11 !

Star Warz is known for its top quality line ups, great artwork, a top class venue and a heavyweight sound-system and that won’t be different this time around. Star Warz has had the pleasure of hosting a lot of the world’s leading Drum ‘n’ Bass labels as Metalheadz, Shogun Audio, Renegade Hardware, Soul:R, 31 Records, Commercial Suicide, Exit and many more.

This time expect a clash between two other major players in the Drum ‘n’ Bass scene today, namely Kasra’s Critical Music imprint and Ant TC1’s Dispatch Recordings.

The party will follow the release of the ’10 Years of Dispatch EP’ on Dispatch recordings in November and as Ant TC1’s imprint coincidentally hit its 50th release at the exact same time, he felt it was a good time to celebrate with an EP instead of a single release to mark this ten year milestone. The release sees a wonderful package of high quality cuts from some of the finest artists in the scene such as Mindscape & Hydro, Zero T & Script, Spinline, Octane, DLR & Safire......

Critical Music was conceived back in 2002 in a front room in north London and has grown from a simple idea driven to put out the best music the scene has to offer; to one of the most well respected underground dance music labels in the UK. Nurturing new talent and releasing some of the freshest breaks and beats from the likes of Break, Rockwell, Breakage, Cyantific, Marcus Intalex, S.P.Y, Calibre, Total Science and many more, even our very own resident ‘One87’, it has gone on to build a loyal following around the world driven on by Kasra’s never ending quest to release quality underground bass music.

All artists have been releasing on either one or both of the labels, next to many other leading imprints in the business as well as their own outlets. With Ed Rush, we obviously think of his Virus label while Total Science also produce for labels as Metalheadz, 31 Records, True Playaz, Soul:R and many others while running their own C.I.A. and Advanced labels.

Break has strong ties with DNAAudio but also launched his own Symmetry Records in 2006. Octane & DLR are to be found on labels as Renegade Hardware and Peer Pressure while the German Phace is to be found on about all the labels mentioned above and conceived his long awaited Neosignal imprint in 2008.

Add to those resident One87 who’s teaming up with MC Mush and local talent Sensonic and not to forget the MC’s on duty : SP:MC and LowQui for yet another unforgettable edition of Star Warz.


Ed Rush ( Virus Recordings, UK )

Ed Rush is one of the current leaders of the new school Drum ‘n’ Bass. One of the originators to bring back the dark sounds of Drum ‘n’ Bass and push it to new levels, Ed Rush continues to make waves with each new release.

Fascinated by the breaks in the hardcore sounds at the time, Ed Rush convinced his neighbor, Nico Sykes, to let him produce tracks with him. Eventually they released "Bludclot Artattack" in 1993 - a journey into the darkcore sounds. While most releases at the time had a certain momentum and feel, the track was like no other, and marked the shift of hardcore’s split into drum and bass.

Ed Rush soon found himself on the cusp of prominence, as his releases in 1996 on the Techsteppin’ compilation, the Skylab EP on the Metalheadz label, and "Killimanjaro" on the Prototype label all helped to define the genres’ direction towards techstep, a two-step style of drum and bass. He subsequently released more tracks on various labels, and his popularity as an artist grew, as did his sound as a producer.

The greatest collaboration was ahead of him though, when he teamed up with Optical. They created their own label, Virus, and their first release was "Medicine/Punchbag". Their eventual LP, Wormhole in 1998, was released to critical and underground success, and is regarded as a genre classic, as the sounds from that album again redefined the direction drum and bass was headed, and solidified their status as the forerunners of the new sound of drum and bass.

After a slew of other releases, Ed Rush and Optical released another genre-defining LP, the Creeps in 2000. This was again met with critical and commercial success, as the album helped them to win the Knowledge Drum ‘n’ Bass Award for ‘Producers of the year’.

This was followed by The Original Doctor Shade in 2003, Chameleon in 2006 and Travel the Galaxy in 2009, all masterpieces on their own Virus Imprint.

Total Science ( C.I.A, Advanced, UK )

After six years of recording singles for Legend and others, Jason Greenhalgh (Q Project) & Paul Smith (Spinback) established the CIA label and changed their name to the now familiar Total Science guise in the closing months of 1997. Their debut album Advance exposed a further field of interest and was taken a step further with their Skin Deep imprint which has forged broken beat to considerable acclaim.

2000 saw the founding of CIA’s sister label Advanced, created as a means to keep up with the high level of production output from the duo and their confederates, for which one label was no longer enough. Following from this came the renowned Sektor series on Advanced. Featuring artists such as Baron, Digital, D.kay, Lee, Juju, Beta 2 and Klute, the Sektor series included seminal tracks such as “Squash”, and the ever popular “Champion Sound” remix.

The pair’s pioneering of a revival in old-school sounds and arrangements, together with Digital and Reinforced, dominated Drum ‘n’ Bass throughout 2001. After this followed releases on high-profile labels such as 31 Records, True Playaz, Reinforced and Soul:r. During 2003 the pair spent a significant part of the year promoting their music to all parts of the world. During this year CIA and Advanced became more focused on showcasing other artists and nurturing the profile of then-up-and-coming producers such as Beta 2, Zero Tolerance, Friction, Mathematics and Baron.

2005 was cataclysmic for their pioneering production outfit and after one year of a new studio set-up, they were back on top, producing top class music that was desired by everyone. C.I.A and Advanced witnessed the release of an array of tracks from talented producers as Q-Project. ’Mars Needs Total Science’, the guys third album, was released mid 2006 and saw instant success with album single ’Never Had a Dream’ reaching Number 1 in the UK Dance charts.

2007 saw the Oxford duo team up with DJ Marky’s label Innerground to form “CINNA”. Mid 2007, TS collaborated with fellow Brazilian wonderboy: Bungle on a track entitled “Snake Eyes”. This was one of many popular tracks that featured on Bungle’s debut CIA LP: “Down to Earth. TS also kept themselves busy remixing classic tunes, whilst Q Project embarked on his own project to set up an imprint focused entirely on showcasing Q Project music: ‘Machine Funk’.

The guys also released a 12” for Metalheadz ( which was featured on Metalheadz 15th Anniversary compilation) and are currently working on their fourth album.

Break ( DNA Audio, Symmetry Rec, UK )

Break’s recording career began in 2001 with a handful of releases for A Sides’ Eastside Recordings, each of which enjoyed glowing reviews and healthy DJ support. After meeting DNAudio label manager Squire through mutual friends Break became the focus of the label’s output, working closely with co-owner Silent Witness in developing a fresh & devastating new sound. This partnership led to releases on the legendary No U-Turn Records in 2003 and since then Break hasn’t looked back, becoming one of the most prolific and revered producers in the scene’s history.

Long hours in the studio have lead to releases on Ram, Metalheadz, Shogun, Exit, Critical, Soul:R, Quarantine, Subtitles and a host of others; cementing Break’s reputation as one of drum & bass’ hottest talents. His trusted skills have been reigned in to remix seminal drum & bass classics including Shy FX’s ‘Bambaata’, Die’s ‘Clear Skyz’, Commix’s ‘Talk to Frank’ and Ram Trilogy’s ‘Gridlock’ as well as Bloc Party’s UK top-5 hit ‘The Prayer’.

Equally praised for his DJ skills, Break maintains a consistent touring schedule that sees him playing across the globe on a weekly basis on the stages of the world’s biggest Drum ‘n’ Bass institutions; from Fabric, Detonate, Bedlam, Warning, Metalheadz and Hospitality in the UK to the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the breadth of Europe, playing headline shows or back2back sets with the likes of Die, Goldie and Dillinja.

Launching his own label, Symmetry Recordings in 2006, Break honed and polished his sound with each single and released his fist album, also entitled ‘Symmetry’ in 2008. Featuring forays into ambient, dubstep, funk, hip hop, house and soul amongst an arsenal of sure-fire Drum ‘n’ Bass, ‘Symmetry’ earned Break an army of new fans from outside the d&b world with tracks picked up by the likes of techno legends Laurent Garnier and Josh Wink.

Two years later Break is set to raise the bar further still via his second LP; ‘Resistance’. Featuring collaborations with No U-Turn mastermind Nico, Bristol’s DJ Die, super-duo Calyx & Teebee, DNAudio cohorts Silent Witness and Survival, Shogun Audio’s SpectraSoul and vocalists Kyo and SP:MC, the album offers a glorious journey through the spectrum of Break’s styles and influences and a clear indication of where his talents will lead him next.

Kasra ( Critical Music, UK )

Since his first forays into Drum ‘n’ Bass in the late 1990’s as a burgeoning young DJ, there’s no doubt in 2011 that Kasra has made an indelible mark on the scene, a mark that continues to grow ever-stronger as his Critical Music empire prospers.

Conceived back in 2002 in a front room in north London, the label has grown from a simple idea driven by a commitment to putting out the best music the scene has to offer; it has now become one of the most well respected underground dance music labels in the UK. Nurturing new talent and releasing some of the freshest breaks and beats from the likes of Break, Rockwell, Breakage, Cyantific, Marcus Intalex, S.P.Y, Calibre, Total Science and many more, it has gone on to build a loyal following around the world driven on by Kasra’s never ending quest to release quality underground bass music.

As Critical’s figurehead the demand for Kasra’s DJ’ing skills has escalated to the point of a schedule that sees him playing regularly every weekend throughout the UK and rest of the world. Vienna, Budapest, Shanghai, Beijing, Miami, Berlin and of course his beloved London are just a few of the places that have bared witness to the Critical sound and the list just keeps getting longer. Quite a feat these days for someone who’s not yet really taken the production bull by the horns.

Though this could be about to change as Kasra’s back in the studio readying his own takes on the Critical sound; a collaboration with S.P.Y. is already out as well as solo productions gradually working their way into the sets of the great and the good of the dnb community.

Not content with a release schedule bursting with future classics and his own rigorous DJ’ing schedule continually on the up, the label even now boasts its own residency at one of the world’s best electronic music venues , Fabric, where it can regularly be seen smashing up the place with an always superstar cast of DJ-ing elite from D&B and beyond.

So now as heads turn and eyes look forward to the rest of 2011 it seems this could be the tipping point for Kasra both as a DJ and a label head of one of the most inspiring imprints in dance music today. The Critical age is only just beginning.

Ant TC1 ( Dispatch Recordings, UK )

Ant TC1 along with Hidden Agenda founded Dispatch Recordings back in 2001, Ant originally helped out with the management side of the label before finding his feet within the realms of production; which was a natural progression for him having DJ’d on pirate radio and in clubs from the age of 15 (since 1993).

His first release alongside frequent studio partner Stress Level appeared on Dispatch after almost 3 years of hard work getting their collective sound where they felt it needed to be in the studio before even thinking about turning on the DAT recorder. After their first release aired they quickly picked up a wealth of dj support on their early material and went on to release for a who’s who list of established Drum & Bass record labels including the likes of Renegade, CIA, Advanced, Critical Records Integral, Liquid V, Commercial Suicide, Good Looking Records, Bingo beats and Samurai Music. By demand remix work started to feature heavily within their output and the duo went on to remix for the likes of Hidden Agenda, Chris SU, Artificial Intelligence, Kabuki, Total Science, Optical & Ryme Time (Jagged Edge), Atlantic Connection, Tactile & DJ Marky.

Ant’s production output has featured on a mass of compilations and mix cd’s compiled by the likes of Shy FX, LTJ Bukem, Total Science, AI, Spectrasoul, Klute and Brian G. Additionally his work has featured very heavily within the radio shows of Grooverider and Fabio on their respective BBC Radio 1 slots over the years as well as BBC 1Xtra where Ant once hosted his own one-off 4 hour show as well as also twice appearing as a guest on DJ Flights weekly session. His DJ work has seen him play all over the globe from Adelaide to Los Angeles, from Hong Kong to Budapest, Tel-Aviv to Bangkok and last but by no means least regularly UK wide.

Fast forward to 2011 and Ant is now solely responsible for the running & label manager role of Dispatch Recordings; having released a mix CD compilation, the hugely successful “Transit One” album (which topped almost all the usual stores weekly dance music sales charts across all formats) as well as a fine list of consistently quality single and EP releases from the likes of Survival, Break, MC System, Commix, AI, Chris SU, Zero T, Octane & DLR, Cern, Dabs, Skeptical, Spinline, himself (and many more). Ant will also be appearing on remix duties for the likes of Lomax (Loadstar), Sunchase, Cern & Dabs in the near future on other labels as well as Dispatch and continues to run his own monthly night at ‘Momentum’ in Leeds (which is now in its 9th year) as well as dj’ing continuously.

Octane & DLR ( Peer Pressure Recordings, UK )

Chris “Octane” & J “Dirty Le Roi” are a production force to be reckoned with, each of the pair honing their skills with 9 years in the making before joining forces. Each the perfectionist, combined they become much more than the sum of their parts.

They immediately shared a mutual love of twisted bass textures, organic soundscapes as well as live recordings. Pure originality in sound and production techniques brings the pair truly into their own.

With a barrage of releases via Renegade Hardware, C4C Recordings, Dispatch, Sonorous, Peer Pressure amongst others, the future is set to be bright for the Leeds based duo.

Their latest US Tour in association with Peer Pressure Recordings has the boys smashing up parties all over that country also, after being already a sturdy fixture in Europe’s Drum ‘n’ Bass scene.

Phace ( Neosignal, Germany )

Over the past years, Germany´s Phace has cemented a prominent role within the international Drum & Bass and Broken Beats scene with a plethora of distinct and outstanding releases on the scene’s biggest labels such as Renegade Hardware, Subtitles Music, Virus Recordings, Shogun Audio, Vision, Lifted, and Cyanide, amongst many others. The unique sound of Phace is imbued with deep cinematic flourishes, explosive energy, and a human analog touch, piquing demand for appearances at clubs, festivals and within the music press around the globe. Voted as ‘Best National Drum & Bass Producer and DJ’ in 2006 and ‘Best National Producer’ in 2009 at Germany’s Future Music Awards, Phace has proven early in his career what he’s capable of, both behind the boards and on the decks.

The gritty and rebellious debut album Psycho released in 2007 on the Subtitles Music Imprint was voted Album of the Month in Mixmag, and successfully garnered massive support by top international acts like Andy C, Noisia, Pendulum, Goldie, Ed Rush & Optical, Teebee & Calyx, Friction, and Spor. As a DJ, the Hamburg-based artist is known for his precise and energetic sets, and his constant touring has taken him to metropolises in all corners of the planet.

At the tail end of 2008, Phace joined forces with long-time friend Misanthrop and launched Neosignal, Phace’s long-awaited record label, and unleashed celebrated singles, remixes (for UK’s Hadouken!) and collaborations (with Noisia, Misanthrop and Spor) throughout 2009. Phace began work on ‘Phase II’ for Neosignal in 2010 with his heavily anticipated second full-length, From Deep Space, released to great fanfare within the international D’n’B scene.

After a worldwide album tour in 2010, 2011 marked Phace’s return to the recorded realm on Neosignal’s set of singles, including the chart storming ‘Desert Orgy’ and the heavyweight ‘ENERGY EP’ to be released in November.

With great support of UK’s BBC 1xtra, a big remix (for Noisia) scheduled for a release on Deadmaus’ Maustrap label, things will even move up further into so far unexplored territories for Phace. Setting both the benchmark and pace for nowadays Drum & Bass, the Hamburg-based artist is also known for his precise and energetic sets, and his constant touring has taken him to metropolises in all corners of the planet.

One87 (Critical Rec, Star Warz )

One87 bought his first records when he was 10 years old ... and started DJ’ing when he was 15. Solid breakbeats & phat basslines were the things in music that attracted him the most. Little later, One87 started playing Jungle …what became Drum ’n’ Bass later on ... which made his name well known in Belgium & beyond ;-)

After promoting his first events (starting in 1996, with guests such as Ed Rush & Fierce,) and opening his DJ-record shop ‘Fried Chicken Records’, he formed the Millennium Kru. That was somewhere in the late nineties… and was truly something else! It was one of the most skillful & diverse Drum ’n’ Bass sound systems around. The number of high-class bookings & top residencies they did speak for themselves... And it was also around that same time that One87 created ‘Star Warz’ (in association with M.K. from Kozzmozz), without a doubt the finest Drum ’n’ Bass concept Belgium has ever seen!

In the beginning of 2008 One87 decided to go solo again, with over 750 Jungle/Drum ’n’ Bass DJ-sets under his belt.

One87 has also been producing his own music lately and signed some tunes on Critical Music, Vampire Records and Nemesis Recordings.

MC Mush ( Steam )

Mush has been doing the verbal thing since November 2003 alongside dj Viehaï. Early 2005 he also teamed up with Krewzader and became MentalLAB‘s resident MC. Ever since, they attended several parties together in Belgium, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, France and Germany. Mush is still pretty young but already referred to as one of the leading MC’s in Belgium.

Next to promoting his own nights, he’s holding down residencies in The Netherlands, Germany and several in Belgium f.e. Cactus Club at Maz. Mush also became a co-promoter of Belgium’s longest running weekly dnb night: Steam. This MC easily blends in into any kind of Drum’n’bass, loves to interact with the audience and will set the dance-floor on fire! Mush has hosted sets from/with artists as Grooverider (UK), Q-project (UK), Total Science (UK), Fierce (UK), L-Double(UK), Bailey(UK), Bad Company (UK), D-Bridge (UK), Adam F (UK), EZ rollers (UK), Loxy (UK), Cyantific (UK), DOM & Roland (UK) and many, many others, some on multiple occasions.

SP:MC ( Shogun Audio, Exit Records, UK )

Within the last years, SP:MC has established himself as one of the busiest and most innovative MCs in both Drum ‘n’ Bass and dubstep. As well working closely with front-runners DJ Friction, D-Bridge, Breakage and Youngsta, he holds residencies at leading nights including Shogun Audio, A Bunch of Cuts and Club Autonomic.

His passion for the music undoubtedly comes through on the mic. With a unique flow and the confidence to leave space for the beats to breathe, it’s clear that SP is an MC who only compliments and never competes with the DJ.

With a deep understanding of the music he’s so passionate about, SP has proved himself to be a talented producer in his own right. Recent releases on Tempa (alongside Joker D) and Shogun LTD (with Jubei and Dakuan as Code3) have demonstrated both quality and diversity, whatever the tempo. Another 12" on Tempa and a Code3 release on D-Bridge’s Exit Records followed in 2009. And also 2010 & 2011 were yet another great year !

MC LowQui ( Metalheadz, Essence of Chi, UK )

The complete MC, LowQui is a genuine host, lyricist, and audience entertainer. Regarded by many as a true DJ’s MC, his ability to read crowds, compliment mix structures, and facilitate the transfer of energy between DJ and audience is second to none. Now deep into his second decade as an MC, LowQui has continuously worked on a global scale as MC of choice for the best. The Metalheadz family, Goldie, S.P.Y, Andy C, DJ Marky, Black Sun Empire, Skream, Benga, Storm, the list goes on.

Earning his stripes in the 90s London club/rave circuit, LowQui took his inspiration from the legendary double-time raps of Stevie Hyper D (RIP) and the razor sharp lyrical delivery of MC GQ. Merging both with the concepts of harmony and balance, he forged his distinctive LowQui sound. LowQui breaks down the barrier between performer and attendee like no other. He is the quintessential DIY junglist. In the game for life, LowQui will be toasting microphones until the end of his days.

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Post 22 Thu : Star Warz Critical vs Dispatch @ Vooruit, Gand, BE
MC Mush back again! lool Phaaaantasy!

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