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02 Fri : Cylon Rec Night @ Recyclart, Bruxelles, BE
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Author:  Bosco [ Thu 16 Feb 2012 10:34 ]
Post subject:  02 Fri : Cylon Rec Night @ Recyclart, Bruxelles, BE


Line Up

+++ Loxy

Djing 1991 (But 93 is when he started to take it more seriously) - Present

Loxy began his journey in 89/90 at events like telepathy (marshgate lane) & dungeons and just fell for the culture. Got serious and decided to become a part of the movement and pursued and perfected his craft soon after. Being from the B-Boy & Reggae & Dub background, it wasn't totally alien getting into the vibe of this new phenomenon - which was then known as acid house, soon to evolve in to what we know and love as drum & bass.

Loxy's first dj gigs were in 1990/91 at Psychotic and Time events. Since then he has held down residencies at Metalheadz, Renegade Hardware & Therapy and has played at events such as Respect LA., Exit Records Night, Sun & Bass, Creamfields, Fabric, Club Jungle, Desire, Logical Progression, Speed, Swerve, Elevation, One Nation, Slammin Vinyl, Valve, Break Beat Kaos, Revolution, Legend of the Dark, Movement, The End, Theory and many more...

Also being the man behind the inception of the 4horsemen which has grown from the original four to now being a more collective of like minded people creating music all over the world, with further lp ideas and releases coming in the near future HORSEMEN 2011 LP WATCH THIS SPACE....

Around 93/94 Loxy ventured into production leading to many releases on some of the most respected Drum & Bass labels as well as collaborations with others including: Bad Company, Consequence, Ink, Keaton, Dylan, Digital, Resound, Ena, Flatliners, Genotype, Gremlinz, Swift, Zinc, D kay, J. Dub, Usual Suspects & Universal Project. On top of all of this, Loxy is also the owner of the following labels: X-Tinction Agenda, Cylon Recordings, CX:Digital....

Watch out for lp from LOXY & RESOUND -Burning Shadows LP - EXIT RECORDS 2011...

+++ Morphy (LIVE SET)

Morphy is a producer from Glasgow who has his own approach when it comes to making music. His style has remained original and un-compromised from the start which has allowed his music to take form as it undoubtedly has.

Known for his innovative dubby sound and authentic production style, Morphy has carved a niche for himself with releases on various labels including Function,Exit Rec.,CX Recordings, Nerve, Direct and Alphacut.

His productions are a melting pot of tribal percussion, half time rhythms, sonic echos and dubwise basslines. An earthy sound that reflects both his love of dub music and old jungle.

Now a part of Voodoo music and with exciting new productions and collaborations in progress you can expect to be hearing plenty more from him in the future.

+++ Flatliners B2B Reza

Flatliners ::: Drum n bass,Dub,Hiphop DJ / Producer from Istanbul,Turkey

Affiliations : Broken Audio Records,Cylon,Future Thinkin,Break-Fast Audio,Foundation X,Digilab UK,Translation Records


Reza ::: Co-Label owner Cylon rec. & CX rec.

Organiser of Deeper than Deep event in Poland

+++ J Robinson b2b Shima

Label Owners of Tribe12

Various releases on labels such as :::Voodoo Music , Renegade Hardware, Architecture

+++ The Untouchables

Is a collective that started at the dawn of the new Millenium. A colaboration of : DJ KAY & DJ NITROX based in Belgium.

Releases/Labels :
Alphacut - Translation - Renegade Hardware -Tribe 12 - Extent Recording - Vampire - Soundstorm audio - Diablo - Forecast ...

+++ Mental Forces

Music for the mind...

Releases on Labels such as :Renegade hardware, Voodoo Music, Urban Poetry, ...


PRICE::: 7€<23h>10€





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